YouSendIt Bigger Than We Thought

We followed up with YouSendIt this week after hearing the company had raised $4.7 million from Alloy Ventures, Cambrian Ventures, and Sevin Rosen. We’ve written often about web-based file transfer companies, and note competitor Pando got some favorable coverage from the AP today, which points out Pando gives out 1 GB for free while YouSendIt charges for anything over 100 MB (YouSendIt used to give out a free gig prior to August).

YouSendIt Ivan Koon followed up on our interview request a little later than we’d hoped, but he was full of interesting stats. He did confirm the funding report was accurate, and that YouSendIt has raised more than $10 million in total. The Mountain View-based company has 2.5 million registered users (100,000 signups per week) and 9 million visitors per month. It expects to make $1 million in revenue this year, based on advertising, and has 12,000 paying users distributed across subscription and a-la-carte options. But the company is pretty large — 43 employees at this point — so it’s not breaking even.

Another competitor, DropSend, has made subscriber and revenue numbers public because creator Carson Systems is selling off the product. They are much smaller. But this is a crowded market, and companies will have to offer more specialized services to get by. For instance, MyFabrik, which launched this week, is focusing on digital media and provides embeddable player widgets (also with 1 GB free). See our previous coverage. VentureBeat reports MyFabrik has raised $12 million in financing.

YouSendIt, whose customers come from small businesses, most often creative services and advertising agencies, thinks it can stand out by 1) cutting distribution deals with software providers (for instance, a mail application or photo editing tool) to be their preferred “courier service,” and 2) adding content management tools, for a sort of web-based version of Documentum.