Old Bad Ideas 2.0

First it was AllAdvantage.com being reborn as AGLOCO, which despite the founders protestations is old wine, new bottle. The only difference, I can see is some fiscal discipline and use of public market funds instead of VC dollars. Now there is word that Boo.com, the shining example of the 1990s excess and a boom gone wrong is making a come back in some shape or the other.

For readers to young to remember, Boo.com was a fashion website that included a former model amongst its three co-founders, and had blown through over $40 100 million in private capital. The long departed Industry Standard, whose archives till live among us, had a nice story on the rise, fall and further fall of Boo.com.

This morbid tales from Internet crypt are making me shudder, but since we will not worry for now…. you know that old saying, trouble comes in threes! If you have any guesses on old bad ideas making a 2.0 appearance, share them with us.