Banking on Apple

I’ll preface this post by noting that I’m the last person to ask for stock tips. I don’t have the mind for it and I don’t keep track of that stuff in a manner that’s useful to anyone but myself. You want stock tips? I’ll point you to my college roommate – genius at that stuff.

So over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, we spent time with the extended family. Had a blast and ate lots of food. LOTS of food. I got into a discussion and was asked some questions about technology stuff, but not before some statements were made that I found a bit absurd. The following is a bit of our discussion and my thoughts on the subject. Please feel free to inject your own 2 cents on the discussion I had.

It began by the other individual asking when I thought businesses would adopt Windows Vista. My answer was more along the lines of 18 months to 2 years before it gets a very solid adoption by major enterprises. (This is just my feeling.) I explained my answer by offering that XP took quite some time to take with big business, and even more time to actually get to SP2 where it was truly stable. Vista – from what I’ve seen – looks really, really nice. But it’s ultimately form without function. It looks pretty just to look pretty, and the improvements on the OS itself don’t resemble the things we were supposed to expect, 5 years ago.

He came back with something along the lines of, “Well Apple’s on it’s way out at this point though. Right?” Boy oh boy. I enlightened him (or lit him up, however you’d like to read into it) that Apple hardware is the only platform that natively runs OS X and Windows. In fact benchmarks have the Mac Pro as the one of the fastest Windows machines on the market! The tide is just waiting to turn where large companies are consolidating and getting their employees one box to rule them all, rather than spending on 2 boxes for each desk. I threw-in some thoughts on the Zune, and the displeasure that much of the blogging world has shared over this new Microsoft product. My point being, while Apple’s share prices are higher than they’ve ever been – which means a downward turn is inevitable at some point – they’re making all the right moves at the moment. I don’t think they’re on their way out just yet….