Updates From VoIP World..

It has been quite a hectic few weeks in the VoIP world. New products, new services and well updates. Instead of dwelling on the whys and hows, I bring to you some of the more important news from the world of new voice:

  • Fonality says about 1.5 million calls are being made every week using its PBXtra software, a modified version of the open source Asterisk software.
  • USA Today reports that Jangl has about 275,000 users, many of them coming thanks to its partnership with Match.com. The private phone number movement is getting more traction, reports The New York Times, and points to PrivatePhone.com.
  • Grandcentral has made all incoming calls free, and has enhanced their offering, which has improved quite a bit since we wrote about them.
  • Businessweek reports that there have been 2,049 VoIP patents issued in the US to date. Companies that have filed for patents include Texas Instruments, Motorola, Nokia, AOL and Intel. In other words, wait and watch for a nasty outbreak of lawsuits.
  • Asustek is going to make motherboards that will have phone jacks built into them, so common phones can be plugged into the computer and be used for Skype calls.
  • GloPhone has upgraded their software.
  • Globe Dialer, which allows cheap calls from mobile phones is now open for business in Denmark Europe. England and Germany are set to go live before end of the year, the company claims. Switch-Mobile, the company behind Globe Dialer, calls its technology “electronic calling card” and competes with Jajah, MINO, and Rebtel.