Media Week: CSFB Day 1: Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman

Philippe Dauman made his first Media Week appearance as Viacom CEO Monday; he was the keynote speaker at CSFB’s lunch.
AdAge: Dauman gave a little detail about where he expects his projected $500 million in digital revenues for 2007 to come from: “The bulk of digital revenue now and, I suspect, in the future is advertising sales. We are experiencing very significant growth. For us, it’s the issue of creating inventory.” (Sounds pretty vague to me.) Once the company hits that number, he expects to start “enjoying the benefits of higher margins.” Bottom line: “We expect to see the use of our content paid for one way or the other. Preference is to enter into mutually beneficial business deals to do so. If not, we will enforce our rights.” While MIka Salmi works on the content side, Nada Stirrat will develop a digital ad sales force.
Variety: “He said he’s targeting 10%-15% of margin improvement internationally by the end of next year. “‘We are putting a plan in place to make it happen. I don’t think there’s any reason we can’t achieve it. And if we don’t achieve it, I think some people will have some problems with me.'”
Reuters: “Viacom, whose MTV Networks is one of the most broadly distributed cable networks globally, will also closely review each of its far-flung outposts and reevaluate its ownership structure in some areas.”