Shake, Rattle & Roll at Yahoo

Techcrunch first reported that COO Dan Rosensweig is going to leave the company by end of March, and Sue Decker will run finance and sales. There was a lot of chatter around a senior executive level meeting at Yahoo, that had been webcast. It was attended only by C-level and top VPs.

Wall Street Journal reports that media-group head Lloyd Braun might be gone as well. WSJ says Decker is likely being groomed to take over from Semel when he retires. Yahoo has issued a press release confirming the shake-up.

Many Silicon Valley insiders in the know have questioned future of Yahoo CEO Terrey Semel, and we have heard that there is some discord with the board members. Given the poor performance of Yahoo stock, and other problems have put Semel, once regarded the sage who saved Yahoo on a weaker footing. Braun’s exit shows that the erstwhile savior might have lost some of his political capital. Braun was one of the executives Yahoo hired at the behest of Yahoo.

With the leaking of the Peanut Butter Manifesto to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo’s dirty laundry started coming out. What we are seeing is the fallout of that. We had pointed out the exodus of Yahoo managers was a sign of a growing internal malaise.