Wired Mag reviews UMPCs but misses the device concept

Actually, they reviewed several categories of PCs, but no Tablet PCs other than four UMPCs. Wired got their paws on the Asus R2H, the Samsung Q1, the Sony UX-180P, and the Tablet Kiosk eo V7110. The verdict? Each was rated from one to ten with the following results in order from best to worst:

  • Sony UX-180P (8/10): The high score is thanks to the higher native resolution of 1024 x 600 and speedy processor. Ironically, the one feature that sets the Sony apart, the integrated keyboard, wasn’t mentioned in the Pros or Cons.
  • Tablet Kiosk eo V7110 (7/10) because the Via CPU handled all tasks well. The battery life was listed as "solid" at 1 hour and 50 minutes. Huh?
  • Samsung Q1 (6/10) as "you have to pull out the battery to read it". What did they think it was: an eBook? I’m chuckling because the Samsung has a battery indicator on the battery and you don’t need to remove it. Maybe they confused the battery with the hard drive?!?
  • Asus R2H (5/10): this surprised me as the Asus offers the most features standard. Wired indicated that it choked on Windows Movie Maker video editing. Just goes back to what we always say: you have to use the right tool for the task

Oh Wired, I think you’re unplugged when it comes to UMPCs; still, it’s a positive sign to see the mainstream media review them.

(via Origami Project)