GMail Maybe a Little Better

There is no doubting the fact that we love the spam catching abilities of GMail and thanks to some help from our very smart friends and few tips and tricks, we have been using it to clean our massive email inflow. However, GMail’s UI is an acquired taste – some like it. Others don’t. Liz, for instance, likes it, and I don’t.

Still, it is a product that enjoys a passionate user-base. Mike Arrington, ebullient over the new Mail Fetcher feature, had a near religious moment, which he shared with all of us, in his post, Gmail Just Got Perfect.

Perfect, as I have argued before, is a very subjective word; one I am loathe to use, unless of course when describing Frank Sinatra’s classics. But then it is subjective 😉

Nevertheless, Mail Fetcher is a way for GMail users to read their messages from their non-Google POP3 mail accounts within the Gmail reader interface. Now Yahoo, Mac and several other web based mail systems have had this feature for a while now.

Google is now introducing this? What took Google so long? Isn’t that the big question? And even now Mail Fetcher is available to a limited number of users. These two-penny features that don’t dazzle me at all. How about making GMail available over IMAP? Oh wait, that is going to cut into the money Google makes from advertising … never mind.
Anne Zelenka is not that impressed by Mail Fetcher as well. She gives her reasons over on Web Worker Daily. Liz has a list of things Google can do to make it nearly perfect. But then she is a passionate user!

GMail logo courtesy of Google Inc.