Google Finance to get a facelift soon

Google is likely to announce a facelift to its Google Finance service soon, according to informed sources. The upgrade could come as soon as Monday, though as we all know product upgrades can get pushed out due to unforeseen reasons.

Google Finance debuted to much fanfare back in March 2006, but the service hasn’t made much headway against Yahoo’s still dominant Finance portal. We were not very impessed by Google Finance when it launched. Despite making some progress, the service lags Yahoo’s offering.

It has failed to crack the top twenty financial destinations, as calculated by both Comscore and Nielsen Net Ratings. Its contribution to the overall Google traffic is minuscule, as data from HitWise reveals. Interestingly the shuttering Google Answers and Google Finance are still in the same ballpark, which makes us feel that the next upgrade is critical.

Yahoo Finance, despite recent neglect, is still a superior user experience. If Yahoo added blog and other related content to its curated content and stock market data, it would do well to hold onto its position as world’s premier finance destination. Many Yahoo Finance visitors use its portfolio features, and thus are reticent to switch away from Yahoo.

That alone makes Google’s task harder. Like you, we are going to be waiting and watching for this upgrade.