Report: MySpace Passes Yahoo in Page Views

Yahoo’s page views were down 9 percent month-over-month in November, allowing MySpace owner Fox Interactive Media to take the overall lead in that category for the first time, according to comScore data highlighted in an emailed note today from UBS Investment Research.

UBS, while noting the unreliability of comScore data, cites Yahoo’s warning that use of Ajax may decrease its page views, making measurement of unique visitors and user engagement more important factors. Last month, Yahoo saw a negligible change in unique visitors, and a 5 percent decrease in average minutes spent per day per user.

Yahoo is still king in unique visitors, with nearly 130 million in November, for the top spot in comScore’s survey. Fox Interactive, while showing growth (565 percent year-over-year!) is in sixth, after Time Warner, Microsoft, Google, and eBay.

Wall Street didn’t seem to care much, with shares of News Corp down 25 cents to to $22.35, and shares of Yahoo up 15 cents to $26.49.

We’d previously highlighted a Hitwise report in July that claimed MySpace’s share of visits had passed Yahoo. At the time, both Yahoo and comScore vehemently denied the accuracy of the report.