Politico Cherrypicks Two More A-List Journalists

Just as many high-profile business journalists are moving to Conde Nast’s upcoming Porfolio (or, in at least one case we know of, being paid an extortion fee not to to defect), some top political journalists are signing up for thepolitico.com, the as-yet-underwraps political website edited by Washington Post veterans Jim VanderHei and John Harris, to be published by Albritton Communications. The site/newspaper/multimedia endeavor is intended to challenge the usual entrenched purveyors of political news. The latest: TIME’s Mike Allen is now on board. So is Roger Simon, most recently at Bloomberg.
The short NYT piece includes pretty much every journalistic new-media cliche you can think of (someone even promises not to “reinvent the wheel.”) The article quotes VanderHei as saying