Rev A Showdown, Sprint vs Verizon

Just when you thought that old skool EVDO was fast, Sprint and Verizon are both rushing to light up their EVDO Rev A networks across the U.S.

So far Sprint leads by just a margin in time to market and we briefly wrote about Sprint’s 10-city launch of its EVDO Rev A network yesterday. Customers in major cities like San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles will be able to get average upload speeds of 300-400 kbps (compared with 50-70 kbps of current EV-DO networks) and an average download speed of 450800 kbps.

But Verizon Wireless isn’t wasting any time either. Engadget runs a rumor that says Verizon will launch its own Rev A upgrade on Friday in 10 markets too, including Sacramento and Salt Lake City. We talked to Verizon Wireless this morning and they said that the network has actually been live for a few months in a number of markets:

We’ve had a number of communities lit up with Rev. A for a few months, and expect to introduce a first PC card in the coming weeks. We won’t be announcing a launch of Rev. A until we hit a significant number of markets up and running, though. — Verizon Wireless, Jeffrey Nelson

Nelson wouldn’t comment on where the Rev A network is live and how fast the service is. Still, this is going to be an interesting battle for broadband subscribers. For now, Sprint is cheaper.