Goodbye Al

All you crazy iPod lovers, TiVo maniacs and BitTorrent freaks – take a minute, just a minute and observe a minute of silence and thank Al Shugart, the grand daddy of the disk drive industry. A colorful man with passion for Hawaiian shirts, loud banter and a genuine desire to cause a rumble passed away earlier this week.

As a beat reporter from back in the day, I would remember him fondly, for he was good for a quote, and quick with a word of wisdom. Mike Cassidy has the best obituary, and he sums up a lot of my emotions, and memories. He is the man who helped build the 305 RAMAC for IBM, and also started a little company called Seagate Technologies.

Al was a CEO from a different era in Silicon Valley, times when colorful characters roamed the still unclogged freeways. He was a star, who got fired from his own company. I bet somewhere up there, Al is urging us all to have a drink. I will, Al, in the memory of your brutal honesty and giving a young rookie reporter time of the day.

Till we meet again!