More Skype Shake Ups, Kazim gone, Gomez Up

More changes at Skype – The eBay makeover of Skype is complete. Henry Gomez, a former eBay executive and a veteran marketing professional is the new chief at Skype. He is CMO & Director of Operations for Skype but will be moving into the President’s office. Gomez takes over from Alex Kazim, till recently the president of Skype.

Kazim has been with eBay for around seven years, and was named the president in July 2006. That was a fast exit! Niklas Zennström is still listed as the CEO of Skype. We still have to confirm this news, and will update the story in a few minutes. We are waiting to hear from eBay for a final word on this.

Update: There has been some sort of a major corporate development, and we are trying to nail down the details. Earn-out related issues, and the recent shake-up might have resulted in a showdown leading to this most recent shake-up. As you might remember, the eBay-Skype deal was $1.3 billion in cash, $1.3 billion in eBay stock, and rest was contingent upon Skype meeting certain revenue & growth targets.

Our sources indicate that with recent exodus of original Skypers and business model shift might be coming in the way of those targets, and thus the earnouts. There was an all hands meeting called last night and staff was told of these recent developments sometime today. We are still trying to extract more details, and will be back soon.