SkySpace: Skype Social Network

While everyone is talking about Skype’s new pricing plan this week, we got a note this morning from a company called Bertorello announcing a product called SkySpace, which the company says is “the first social network for Skype.”

SkySpace is actually a renamed, retooled version of Skype work collaboration tool called Verosee, which Argentina-born CEO Pablo Bertorello (yes, last name is the company name) developed. Verosee is a pretty unmarketable name — not like the buzzy moniker you get when you mash-up hot property names Skype and MySpace, ie SkySpace.

We downloaded it onto a PC (no Mac) and basically its an easier way to do file-sharing for Skype users (Skype users can already transfer files). The application enables users to share files like photos and videos, both privately to another user or publicly to the broader community. Users can also personalize their SkySpace homepage, which the company says will jump-start social connections. The application appears to be Skype-certified, and is available in the Skype’s extra’s page.

The company says it took them four years to build SkySpace. Bill Campbell, Technical
Editor of the Skype Journal, is a consultant to the company, so naturally his quote in the press release is “this is a brilliant play by Skype.” We don’t know much about the company, but they say they are self-funded.

The application is worth checking out, and creates more of a traditional social network-style community feel for Skype users. But many of its benefits Skype users can already do within the Skype basic community. Skype in itself is already a social network. Since the company’s application is free I’m not sure how the company will make money and they didn’t get back to me on that question. But if you want to check it out, send us your thoughts.