Google Phone & Some Circumstantial Evidence?

Over the weekend, we wrote about Google & Orange’s plans to work on what amounts to be a Google Phone. Some folks wrote in and pointed out that close relationship between Google & Orange isn’t that difficult to imagine. For instance, one tipster reminded us that Rich Miner, VP of Mobile at Google, used to be a vice president of Advanced Service Development at Orange. He was at Android and then came to Google as part of the acquisition.

Miguel, was kind enough to write in and remind us of another Google mobile acquisition, Reqwireless. Google had bought them in 2005. The Waterloo, Ontario based start-up was working on technology that could help bring web-content to the mobile devices.

The company had developed a web browser and an email application when Google bought them, and you can see some of their fingerprints on the GMail Mobile app announced recently. Mark Evans, who now has a new home, must know more about Reqwireless, so we will wait for him to fill in the gaps.