Revver rocked, Veoh Reboots

Revver has been rocked – two of the three founders are leaving the company, Ian Clarke and Oliver Luckett, along with members of the support staff. Steven Starr, the other founder is staying on board as the CEO, says Advertising Age.

The company which has taken over $13 million in funding from the likes of DFJ, Comcast, Turner has been widely touted as one of the promising online video start-ups, but has not exactly lived up to that promise. Their model of sharing the advertising dollars with content creators has been usurped by rivals who have executed better on that very same model. A new team of executives is joining the company, including some veteran sales and marketing people. NewTeeVee has more details.

Update: And now they have more competition. Veoh has rebooted, changed its game plan, and added payments to the mix. Liz has the scoop, and she says that “Veoh is also adding the option to publish any video to YouTube, Google, and MySpace when it’s uploaded to Veoh.” More @ NewTeeVee.