BBC Shows to Come with DRM

In a short item earlier this week, I linked to the announcement that the BBC would be distributing some of its shows through the new Azureus portal, Zudeo. The P2P Blog suggests correctly inferred that the shows will come with some form of DRM:

I would guess that the DRM solution for distributiong shows via will be more restrictive, simply because the copyright issues of entertainment productions are usually far more complex that those of news content. They’ll probably use something like Helix from Realnetworks – unless the BCC has worked out something on their own, which is entirely possible.

The P2P Blog goes on to point out that BBC’s own commentator, Bill Thompson, came out against DRM in no uncertain terms. Update: Azureus spokesperson Ayn Allen confirmed that the BBC content would use some form of DRM, but could not confirm any more specifics.