How to: add ink messages to Gmail


Gmail is absolutely wonderful, but for folks that prefer to "ink" their e-mail for the personal touch, the native support isn’t there. Josh Bancroft sees this as an opportunity for improvement and like many others, I agree with him. For the moment, I’m sticking with Outlook as my primary e-mail client, but that doesn’t mean we can help Josh (and others) out, does it?

Earlier this year in the Tabletscape, Loren Heiny documented a work-around that will get your ink messages in your Gmail for all to see. Note that I said "work-around"; that’s not intended to take away from Loren’s strategy, but I don’t want folks walking away thinking Gmail supports ink natively.

Loren suggests taking advantage of a Gmail feature for your ink: the ability to embed and display public images. By public, I mean images that are stored on a server for the public to see. If you ink your message and store it as an image file on a server, you can embed it in your e-mail messages. Granted: not everyone has server storage that’s viewable by the public; for now however, Josh could save his ink e-mail images on his TinyScreenfuls box and use them in Gmail. Not perfect by any means, but it’s a good stop-gap measure if you’ve got the resources.