2007, year of the web worker?

Could 2007 be the year of the web worker? I came across Sharon Gaudin’s report on a recent study from the Wall Street Journal and The Society for Human Resource Management, stating that 75% of US workers will look for new jobs in 2007. With nearly 12% of the workforce voluntarily resigning in 2006. That does seem like an extremely large number, and there is a good chance many of them might just become webworkers. Perhaps, not in the traditional sense, but webworkers nevertheless.

Since our economy is growing and improving the opportunities in the world, it truly is making it far more of a challenge for companies trying to retain hard working and dedicated employees who are being lured away by the hooks of increased salary offers, better career opportunities, and impressive company career development plans.

With all of this dissatisfaction in the workforce it seems, could there be a shift to more fulfilling work for workers to do business from the confines of a home office? With an apparent huge percentage of dissatisfied workers, some of them might soon come to realize that being their own boss, and having the power to work how they want to work could potentially end up working better for them. It might not work for everyone out there, but those that have been pushed to the edge in their current career path might look strongly at the benefits of becoming a webworker. Concentrating on the types of work they enjoy doing, building the things that interest them, working how they want to work.

Could this spark an influx in the amount of webworkers? It sure is a possibility. Nothing beats being your own boss in your area of specialty, while having the power to work how you want, and not get sucked into the traditional 9-5 lifestyle. Beware though, it could mean more hours, but it’s the satisfaction that one can make it on their own, developing the way that they want to develop, and living a happy lifestyle that matters.

What does this mean to other webworkers in the marketplace? Besides more competition and cafe buddies, it could mean the potential to work closer with more people enjoying what they are doing, and giving it their all. So who’s planning on quitting their 9-5 in 2007 to try web working out?