Last Tiger Update May Drop Soon

It’s been 3 months since Apple updated OS X.4, and now there’s news that 10.4.9 is about to be seeded to developers. Obviously this will be the last update to Apple’s operating system before Leopard drops sometime in 2007.

So what can be read from this? Well we could assume that since the last update is just now being seeded, the final release may yet bee a couple of weeks out. So does that mean 10.5 is still a ways off? Possibly. But I suspect it’s more a case of Apple doing right by its customers who won’t jump on Leopard right away. There will still be many private consumers and businesses staying on the known/steady 10.4 platform for a while.

With Macworld starting little more than 2 weeks from now, we’ll clearly be hearing some Leopard details. Release date? I’m hoping for no later than Q1 2007. But what do I know. In the meantime I suppose we’ll have 10.4.9 to tide us over…