Fujitsu P1610 keyboard epiphany

The integrated keyboard on the Fujitsu P1610 is very undersized as I’ve mentioned before.  When I first starting using Miyagi I only used the keyboard for very short work, like quick emails, etc.  The more I’ve used it however, the easier I am finding it to do longer pieces using the keyboard.  I had an epiphany a few days ago that has turned my thinking around about the small keyboard on Miyagi.  I found myself in a client office when I remembered that I had neglected to write and send a report to another client that I had promised.  This is a big no no for me as I pride myself in always fulfilling my promises to clients so I knew I had to knock the report out right away.

Without even thinking about it I swiveled the P1610 screen around into laptop configuration and I just started writing the 3 page report.  Maybe it was not thinking too much about how small the keyboard is or maybe it was just that I’ve gotten used to using it but in fifteen minutes I had written the report and sent it.  I didn’t find it to be a chore, on the contrary it was just as easy as using the external keyboard I carry for longer writing sessions.  The reason doesn’t matter though as I was able to write the report quickly, proofread it and send it in just a few minutes.  I have to tell you it felt really good.

Here’s a bonus photo of Miyagi at my desk at Big Oil Company, note that the two external monitors are driven by a Dell laptop off the screen and not by the P1610:

P1610 at work

That’s the BatteryGeek Portable Power Station on the left charging the internal battery in Miyagi.  The Verizon EV-DO card is sticking out of the PC Card slot on the left side of the Tablet PC.  BTW, this photo was taken using the camera on the XV6700 phone from within OneNote Mobile, which then synced automatically into OneNote on Miyagi.  I am using this a lot to capture important images and even documents on the run.