Have Wii? Will Trade My PS3

The way things stand now, the Nintendo Wii just might be the hottest gadget gift this holiday season. Quite a few of our friends have been desperately seeking a Wii for their loved ones. Futile visits to the stores, tracking auctions on eBay and even pleading with us to use our media contacts.

The mad scramble for the Wii reminds us of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Jingle All The Way. Thanks to a tip from Tony Conrad, a harried father himself this Christmas season, Jason McMaster over on GigaGamez found out that there is hectic bartering going on – Wii for PS3 and cash. Craigslist is now littered with such deals, especially in San Francisco.

While Jason thinks the hectic bartering doesn’t bode too well for the PS3, I think, for now, that we should just classify it as pre-Christmas Wii-madness.