Mobile tech gifts and a UMPC welcome kit

Umpc_happy_holidaysSo we’re still cleaning up after hosting over a dozen guests yesterday.Typical of my household when I was growing up, the place is in utter disarray! Barb and I simply shared cards yards yesterday because we wanted to focus on the kids and family members for gifts…plus we’re still paying off the Sony SXRD set that we bought as an early Christmas present to ourselves.

I don’t know if they’re too young, but our 9- and 6-year olds each received 2-GB, second gen iPod nanos. I’m sure we’ll be ripping some CDs and hitting the iTunes store later today. Barb did also reneg our "no gift" agreement by delivering two wireless XBox 360 controllers as well. Actually, the more I think about it, those are probably a gift for her! She’s tired of walking over the wires and she’s secretly addicted to Hexic HD!

How about you? New smartphone, notebook, UMPC, digital audio player or other mobile tech received? By the way: if you did receive a UMPC (w00t!), be sure to check out the "Welcome to your Ultra-Mobile PC" post provided by ThoughtFix. He gathered as many useful introductory UMPC links as he could for a UMPC holiday care package and wishes everyone a Happy Holidays from his UMPC in the pic above!