Open Thread: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

I think this is the year that I’m finally going to get the paper in my office as organized as the files on my laptop. Let’s put it this way…I scan really important papers to save to PDF rather than take a chance of losing them in the clutter that seems to accumulate on the flat surfaces of my desk. Electronically, everything has its place. I can’t stand loose files on my OS desktop. So why can’t I get the same discipline with the real paper in my life? I have no idea, but maybe 2007 is the year I figure it out. has an interesting approach to the whole resolution thing, focusing attention on the futility of “deficit thinking.”

Deficit thinking is an ingrained habit of focusing on gaps and weaknesses (the deficit) instead of what’s working (and can be made to work still better). It’s focusing on what you can’t do, not what you can. Instead of your dreams and ambitions propelling you forward, you let the gap between your current state and your desires become a source of frustration and depression. It’s the old business of seeing the glass as half empty.

How about you? 2007 is the year you resolve to….