SF MuniFi – maybe in 2007?

The San Francisco Chronicle takes a quick glance at the city’s delayed MuniFi deal with Earthlink and Google and says the negotiations are going back and forth over free vs for fee:

The elves in San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s workshop are racing to beat their end-of-the-year deadline to announce the city’s plan for “free” wireless Internet service. . . The key sticking point: what exactly will be free and what Google and EarthLink will be allowed to charge customers for upgraded service.

Earthlink said last week that they were hoping to finish negotiations as early as last Thursday, and that the next step after that would be to take those plans to the city’s Board of Supervisors either before the end of the year or in January.

Earthlink said this morning they have nothing to announce as of yet. It’s sounding more and more like nothing will be resolved before the New Year. And we’re not really sure about those next twelve months either.