jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 29: Fujitsu’s Stylistic ST5112 slate Tablet


VGA iTunes compatible version (MP4 format, 640 x 480, 299 MB, 44 minutes)

VGA Windows Media Player version (WMV format, 640 x 480, 242 MB, 44 minutes)

Icon_128x128_1What a powerhouse! The Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 is all power and all slate. The 12.1-inch Tablet PC with the Core Duo processor runs for hours and hours After using the slate for a few weeks, I share some of the following aspects:

  • Complete walk around of the device
  • Thoughts on the pen and single speaker
  • Skype demo with the dual array microphone
  • Viewing angle of the screen and usage of the VGA out capabilities
  • Hardware buttons
  • Using the fingerprint sensor
  • Covering the included applications
  • Demonstrating the "warm" battery swap
  • Final thoughts

Three quick production notes:

  1. Lighting was a tad poor in my office studio, so the brightness isn’t what we’d normally like to provide; I apologize.
  2. Due to a lack of sunlight, I had to do a separate demo of the view anywhere screen on a different day; you’ll see this in the final two minutes of the video. I nominate this segment as the "worst demo of a great screen. ever."
  3. We now have a QVGA version of the video up on our YouTube channel if you want a lower-resolution version streamed.

A special thanks goes out to Allegiance Technology Partners for loaning us the Fujitsu Stylistic ST 5112 Tablet PC!


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