AT&T U-Verse & Covad ADSL2+

Ma Bell has been working hard this season, rushing to roll out U-Verse and meet its promise of 11 markets before 2007. After launching UVerse in three cities yesterday, the company added four more cities to the list including Indianapolis.

With recent deployments, AT&T is hoping to give the perception that it is making progress. But how many people can actually sign up and get the service as of now? I tried to sign up, with little success. (We think Verizon is doing a much better job.)

Since cable companies are looking to raise prices, I am almost ready to give them the heave-ho as well. AT&T couldn’t take my business, so perhaps time to look elsewhere. The new Covad ADSL 2+ service announced yesterday sounds cool, but their press release didn’t talk specifics either.

When we checked with Covad, their PR person sent this email: “ADSL2+ is available now bundled with the Line Powered Voice service. As a standalone product, it is not available yet and will be made available in the coming year but we have no set timing for that now.” The problem is that you cannot find this information anywhere on their website (except for the press release) and you cannot sign up for their service. So why issue the press release now?

Anyway, it is time to call their sales line and see what kind of speed plans they are planning to offer. At 10 megs and higher, Covad can have my business!