Friday’s question: what’s the best RSS reader for Tablet PCs?


I realize this is a subjective question, so let me explain why I’m asking. Yesterday, I got the "Google Reader" bug. Sure, I tried the Google RSS reader some time ago but not recently, so I gave it another go yesterday and an amazing thing happened: I got through all of my feed items. For the first time in months. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that Google Reader is the best for you; everyone’s style and workflow is different, plus our needs change over time. I’ll just say that in 15 minutes, I was hooked and promptly made the move full time to Google Reader because it works well for me.

So how did this happen? What was so different? Three things stood out from the experience.

  1. Navigation through my feeds was extremely fast due to the keyboard shortcuts. The J and K keys for example, quickly move you through the stories. There’s a complete list of shortcuts here.
  2. I rarely had to move my eyes because every story in the full view queue appeared in the same spot. If the top-most story was of limited or no interest, a quick press of the J key replaced it with the next story in the list.
  3. Clipping a story to read again or blog later was yet another quick keyboard press. Tapping the S key "stars" the post.

There are more features that boost productivity here, but I wanted to focus on the main ones because they all share a common theme: keyboard navigation. And that leads me back to my question.

On a slate Tablet PC or UMPC, your interaction with the screen via touch or active digitizer is the enabling factor. So maybe Google Reader won’t work nearly as well for me on the Samsung Q1 or other Tablet. Rest assured, I’ll dust off Dial Keys and see how well it works with Google Reader, but I’d love to see some of the on-line RSS readers add a few on-screen navigational links that are easy to tap on a Tablet. If Google (or someone else) can do that, I’d bet I’d get through my feeds daily on a Tablet PC.

What RSS reader are you using on a Tablet PC or UMPC and are you finding it easy to navigate via the screen? If you have a Tablet PC with a keyboard (integrated or external), give Google Reader a five minute perusal after checking out the shortcuts and let me know what you think.