The Ferrari Vista Question

My doorman just brought a package of blogger kryptonite, aka the Acer Ferrari laptop tricked out with Microsoft Vista and Office 2007. Before the recent brouhaha broke out, I was going to do a simple review, and then send the machine back to Microsoft. As I told, “Frankly, I need another laptop like I need another hole in my head.”

If you have a tricked out MacBook Pro with Parallels, you don’t even need a Ferrari. I will buy Vista when it comes out, and upgrade the WinXP on my MBP, just so I can make sure everything works all across the platform.

Given that I am no Pete Rojas or Walt Mossberg, why would anyone read my review of a laptop? The only thing I thought that was worth checking out was Vista’s networking features, and Outlook’s VoIP capabilities. Regardless, the box sits here ready to be shipped back, unless of course my readers decide otherwise. Take the poll, and let me know. You have the entire weekend to decide.

This is my last post for today, so folks have yourself a Happy New Year!