Wii bit of magic

Time Magazine has given Wii Sports the number one game billing. I could not agree more. A friend of mine recently acquired the Wii, and yesterday we ended up spending a lot of time playing Wii Sports.

Baseball, Tennis, Golf and of course bowling… the damn game is so much fun, despite the low res graphics, especially when compared to some of the other games on other platforms.

But it’s hilarious, and it shows off the power of the motion-sensitive Wii controller to put you right in the game, sweating and yelling and trying crazy spins and lunges and angles.

My arms and shoulders are sore from throwing curveballs (maybe like Barry I can get 126 million… lira if not dollars) and spares. It is a game which can get the entire family involved, engrossed, and entertained. I saw it first hand yesterday. Yup, Time got this one right… at least this time.

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