Browster Down and Out

After wondering why we hadn’t heard from browser preview startup Browster for a while, we have confirmed with a source familiar with the company that it is done. We don’t yet have a response to multiple requests for an official comment from Browster itself.

browster_down.gifHowever, evidence of the company’s demise is publicly available. The site is currently down. The company blog hasn’t been updated since September. Meanwhile, Browster CEO Scott Milener is listed with another company, Vieweo (non-functional website) on LinkedIn.

Alexa reports the site has been up within the last week, but has seen a severe decrease in visitors, with a 60 percent drop in “reach” over the last three months.

Are any of you still using Browster? I wasn’t a big fan of the company’s somewhat clunky browser preview plug-in, and uninstalled it quite a while ago. We’d previously said we were more impressed with competitor Cooliris.

Browster said about a year ago it had raised $5.8 million in first-round funding from Advanced Technology Ventures, Vanguard Ventures, First Round Capital, and individual investors.