Mobility Site Minute podcast: tech news in five minutes

Mobilityminutealbumart_thum5_1 Don’t have time to listen to a lengthy podcast today? No problem; just hit up the new Mobility Site Minute podcast hosted by Chris Leckness. I spoke with Chris on the phone yesterday and he shared his reasons for the new tech podcast. Chris realizes that it can be hard to find the time to listen to a podcast that goes for an hour or more. It’s also time consuming to produce and schedule a podcast with multiple hosts so Chris decided to host a five minute tech podcast by himself.

I just listened to the first two episodes in the time it took to write this post, so if you’re looking for a quick dose of mobile tech news, you’ll want to check this out. Here are direct links to the first two shows; if you’re a Google Reader user like I am now, you can simply stream the brief audio show within the RSS aggregator: