What’s in the gadget bag?

Pringle_light_bagI was offline for a rare 24 hours due to some personal matters, but I’m back and I just realized it’s almost time to pack for CES! That thought in conjunction with Craig Pringle’s "What’s in my Gadget Bag?" post got me to start making my list of gear; I’ll be posting that list today or tomorrow to share my "must have" gear for a CES trip.

In the meantime, check out what Craig, Marc Orchant and Rob Bushway keep in their gadget bags. I just did and these thoughts crossed my mind:

  • Craig wisely has two gadget bag lists: one for a two hour excursion and one for longer mobile computing times. Good plan! His two hour setup is shown in the pic.
  • Marc does something I should do, but never remember to: he brings an option for paper notes, like a Moleskine journal. Works better than any tech when the batteries go dead.
  • Rob carries an extra device over my typical setup because his experience with PDA-phones or smartphones has been shaky. He uses a standard LG phone and a separate PDA device. Of course, the extra weight assures Rob of a better workout than I get. 😉