Acclaim Signs Deal With IGA

In-game advertising is one of the more sticky subjects surrounding gaming. In the world of retail gaming, consumers feel cheated if they pay full price for a game and they have to suffer through more advertising. However, not all in-game advertising comes at a premium. Some games are funded entirely by ad revenue, which is what IGA Worldwide, the leading independent in-game advertising company, has signed a deal with Acclaim to provide.

Acclaim Entertianment was a game developer and publisher that filed for Chapter 7 on September 1, 2004. The name was then purchased in 2006 by Howard Marks, a former Activision executive, with the intent of bringing new online games to market under the name of Acclaim Games. Marks had this to say about the deal:

“Acclaim Games’ titles already deliver millions of impressions a day and with our growing list of titles we expect to break the ten million daily impressions within months. Acclaim offers its sophisticated multiplayer game content online for free and charges for optional in-game virtual items, and we are pleased to join IGA Worldwide’s network that enables us to continue to offer our games free to players”

IGA uses a proprietary tool, the “Radial Network”, to insert ads into games in real time. This sort of gaming is becoming more popular as companies realize that there is definitely money to be made from this business model. “This is the first of a string of announcements in this exciting new space, with well over 20 titles signed and due for launch over the coming quarter, bringing our total available reach in line with that of a TV network,” said Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Worldwide. IGA also has deals with Electronic Arts, Atari and Codemasters.