Ma Hell for BellSouth Executives

The ink on FCC Commish Kevin Martin’s Valentine card to AT&T is not even dry, and already we are beginning to see the purging of the BellSouth executives. Just like when SBC Communications bought the real AT&T and then became Ma Bell 2.0. We got hold of an internal memo, but this should be public anytime soon.

Here is what is happening:

Mark Feidler, BellSouth President and Chief Operating Officer, will leave the company to pursue other opportunities. He is not alone. (The company list of departing BLS people is below the fold…. enjoy) Some other old skool AT&T guys are also leaving the company. I am going to do an map of who is doing what and where they came from a little later, when there is a little downtime. (Any tools you can recommend for this?)

Herschel Abbott, Jr., Vice President – Governmental Affairs
Valencia Adams, Vice President – Chief Diversity Officer
Barry Boniface, Chief Strategy & Development Officer
Keith Cowan, Chief Field Operations Officer
Francis Dramis, CIO, E-Commerce & Security Officer
Mark Droege, Vice President and Treasurer
Rebecca Dunn, Senior Vice President – Corporate Compliance and Corporate Secretary
Ron Frieson, State President – Georgia
Margaret Greene, President – Regulatory & External Affairs
Don Hallacy, CIO – Communications Group
Donna Lee, Chief Marketing Officer – Business Markets
John McCullouch, State President – Mississippi
William Pate, Chief Marketing Officer – Retail Markets
Eddy Roberts, Jr., State President – Kentucky
Patrick Shannon, Chief Financial Officer
Krista Tillman, State President – North Carolina
Lynn Wentworth, Vice President and CFO – Communications Group