Kyte TV, More Video with Skype DNA

The online and mobile video startup is trying to build its business under the radar. That’s hard when your company is backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Richards and according to our sources Niklas Zennstrom (also see Atomico investment group.) So its interesting to see an image and a few more details on this site of Decentral’s online and mobile video service called

The “Kyte on the Go” image looks similar to what other startups are trying to do by enabling users to create video and publish it online to sites like MySpace and Blogger, and on mobile devices. The third platform on the image looks like it could be a TV screen, but really, who knows – hey, it’s blurry, check it out yourself.

This Business Week article says that the San Rafael-based raised $2.3 million earlier this year in a series A round led by DFJ, the firm that also backed Skype. (Update: We have been able to confirm that Draper Richards is an investor, but cannot say if DFJ is an investor or not in the company. The two funds are closely tied, so there is a good chance that DFJ is an investor in the company as well.)

The general partner who is pushing Decentral is Howard Hartenbaum, the same man who helped Skype in its early days. The BW article also describes the startup’s business as “social networking for television” and quotes founder Daniel Graf as creating “interactive Broadcast Broadband Communities, or iBBC.”

That all sounds like fancy ways of saying creating an easy way for people to move videos they’ve produced around to a variety of platforms. There’s probably a lot more to it, and we’ll try to bring you more details.