Does NetGear Have Apple Envy?

Someone at NetGear must get a raise for planning the first press conference of Day One of CES, there by ensuring maximum impact for somewhat marginal product releases, a few upgrades and one meaningful product – Digital Entertainer HD – that would become memory the minute Steve Jobs does his iTV thing.

Anyway what is most important to note is that NetGear is taking its design cues from Apple and its product offerings. The abundance of white, the smooth and rounded edges, and even an Apple-like grille. Check out their new storage device … looks like old Apple Cube.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, for the world does need more aesthetically pleasing electronics gear. The iPod has been a positive influence on the mobile handset business, something we have noted in the past. The commodity consumer electronics business could use a similar makeover. Even the cars from 1970s are most elegant compared to some of the digital devices that find their way into the market.

Hat Tip, Niall Kennedy.