Why Wii Wins

This cute YouTube video is PG13-ish and probably not safe for work (unless you work in a dive bar), but it’s also a great 3 minute illustration for why the Wii is succeeding in the market beyond all expectations. Ask yourself if this movie would make any sense whatsoever if the couple were having sexy fun with a PS3 controller or (good god, no), a 360 gamepad.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case. Older gamers will remember Jane Pinckard’s erotically innovative use of a Playstation 2 controller. But that was years ago, when the Playstation was sleek, stylish, and culturally engaging. I never thought I’d see the day when Nintendo held that throne, but now they do.

It also reminds me of venture capitalist Susan Wu’s appraisal of the Wii’s fortunes:

Nintendo succeeds because they are focused on solving the core user need – helping average people have a lot of fun – rather than becoming hopelessly mired in a feature / functionality battle with historic competitors.

Of course, these particular people are having a lot more fun than even Nintendo intended— but then, fun is a feedback loop between game developer and gamer. And when it seems like a console maker has lost their sense of fun, as Playstation clearly has, well, you don’t get videos like this.

As for the movie itself, its provenance is unknown. After Kotaku linked to it, the site which originally hosted it has since been hosed. Since the sylphlike co-star apparently has an IMDB listing, I strongly suspect it’s some stealthy viral marketing by professionals. (Indirectly hired by Nintendo? If so, good on them!)