Dial ‘M’ For Marketing

Brandweek has a very comprehensive article on mobile marketing, well worth a read if you’re in that industry (although it did mistake what a “walled garden” is).
There overall tone indicates good news for the mobile marketing industry, for example: “So great is the demand for banner ad space that some advertisers have had to wait for a spot. “Six months ago, there was more demand than supply,” said Jeff Janer, CMO at Boston’s Third Screen Media, which has an inventory of 150 million banner placements across 60 content providers. “USA Today and CBS SportsLine are sold out months in advance. They’re putting up content and ad [units] as fast as they can.”
The ads cost a lot more than internet ads as well, with advertisers paying $30-50 per thousand because of the higher clickthrough rate. That could change as the novelty wears off, or it could be an indication of the lack of clutter on WAP pages with only one ad. Most importantly the medium hasn’t been around long enough for the industry to figure out how much a click is worth in the mobile channel.
There’s also some good examples of mobile marketing campaigns, although the hypothetical situation that is used to introduce the article is a little far-fetched — a guy commuting to work on a passenger train makes an impulse buy of a holiday to Aruba after clicking through a WAP ad.