Has Windows Mobile made OQO pointless?

oqo2.jpgSeldom has a company gotten more ink for delivering so little as OQO, a San Francisco start-up that is building an ultra-ultra portable PC that is increasingly becoming pointless. “Our main goal is to reinvent the PC in a pocketable form,” Jory Bell, Oqo co-founder tells the New York Times.

htcz.jpgOops, someone already did that! HTC and their Qwerty-keyboard capable Windows Mobile smart phone devices are cheaper and have longer battery life than OQO. Their future models are getting even more powerful. Windows Mobile is slowly overcoming most of its shortcomings and is becoming a stable-and-viable mobile OS option. OQO might have missed their window of utility.

“OQO Delivers World’s First Ultra Mobile PC With Integrated Mobile Broadband Service Powered by Sprint,” their press release screams. Scroll down and you find out a brand new meaning for delivers:

The soon [WHEN] to be released OQO model 02 will be available at http://www.oqo.com/store, through OQO’s enterprise sales team, and through channel partners. To be notified of product availability, please sign up at http://www.oqo.com/.

Between “delivers” and actual “delivery” lies the window of missed opportunity.