Will Microsoft rule the digital future?

Like clockwork, every twelve months Bill Gates gets up on stage and delivers a keynote at the CES, outlining his vision of the future, demoing products and PowerPoint-ing his way through a wide array of products.
He takes a few well deserved swipes at His Jobsness. The undercurrent in his big speech – Microsoft will be everywhere in the future. To hammer in the point, he meets with bloggers who don’t exactly ask the tough business questions. Somehow the future doesn’t happen.
This year was no different, though I have to admit, Microsoft’s vision does look quite tasty. Tasty enough, that this time it might actually happen. I am not holding my breath, just like I am not holding my breath for an Apple Phone, or an iTV box as part of Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote. Nevertheless, my opinion doesn’t really count, given my Mac bias, what do you folks think? Take our poll, and rank the chances of Microsoft domination of the digital future.