Fuzzy Math of User Created Video

Sigh… yet another sign of online video frothiness!
When it comes to user created video, apparently downloads are more valuable (not to mention more costly) that simple video views on the web.
Dovetail.TV, a San Francisco-based start-up that we have written about in the past started offering artists (call them video creators, just to keep things simple) 10 cents a download.

Since it is not clear how Dovetail is going to make money, we assume it is a move to get some traction for its slow-to-take-off video site. If your movie (or clip) gets downloaded 1000 times, you stand to make $100.
Which is clearly a better deal than the $5 per 1000 views Metacafe is offering as part of its rewards program. A nice ploy to juice up its video views and get some traction among the video creators, and still stay relevant in the post-Goobe era.
MetaCafe today announced that top three of its creators have taken home about $20,000 each. A guy teaching massage techniques has made $22,000, Metacafe points out. Maybe he should start asking for some massage therapy for his bank balance.