Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft Sued Over Controllers

Patenting and copyrighting is a very lucrative business, it would seem. It’s much easier just to sue someone after they’ve done all the work than to actually make something of your own. Hey, who can blame them? I guess Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony can.
According to Ars Technica, Fenner Investments, a company that doesn’t turn up much other than office maps and legal documents in a Google search, has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft for patent infringement. The entire case hinges upon a patent that was filed for in 1998 and granted in 2001 (6,297,751), which is for “a joystick port which uses low-voltage CMOS VLSI structures which can interface a conventional high-voltage joystick with the processor.” The big question is “is this patent actually relevant?” It may take a while before we actually know anything.