Windows Home Server and third party Zune supported players?

Hp_media_smartserverThere’s no specific details on Zune streaming, but I noticed this tidbit in a Microsoft press release: "…because Windows Home Server is an always-on device, customers will also be able to store all the music from their Zune media player, stream that music and other digital media to devices in the house, such as the Xbox 360 sitting in the den, or third-party products that play streaming digital media stored on a customer’s home server."

Today we can stream Zune tunes to an Xbox 360, but it sure sounds to me like we’ll see some additional devices that support music from the Zune Marketplace. I’m addicted to the all you can eat Zune Pass subscription at $14.99 a month, but if you purchase your own Zune music, you just might have your own streaming subscription service at no additional charge.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to stream Zune content from a Windows Home Server to a UMPC via the Origami Experience? And what about that Xbox 360 Marketplace content that I want to take with me? This is starting to sound interesting….