A new Apple Extreme

Wireless networking has to be one of the top items on the list of what not only every webworker is thankful for, but what any computer user is thankful for.
The ability to work anywhere, without any cables or obstacles is a true gift, not to get too carried away or anything. Now come’s an opportunity from Apple to work twice as far away as before, and get faster connection speeds. Apple has just unveiled the 802.11n Wireless Base Station at Macworld. This wireless access point is said to have much faster transmission speeds, and a far greater range. This new Apple base station uses smart antennas to boost signal up to twice as far in the previous version, and to generate five times the signal strength. Just think of that power.
There are also convenient USB connections that can be used to connect a printer, external hard drive, or another shared device you can run off of a network. Imagine all of the new possibilities for working locations with this device. You have full control and the ability to work from every square inch of your home and within a pretty sweet radius of the base, transfer giant files, and digital media effortlessly from anywhere in your new and improved signal range radius. It is backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g devices, so you don’t have to worry about any issues there. This item is expected to retail for $179 and ready to ship for February.