Adesso Condenses Web Apps on Desktop

Boston-based startup Adesso Systems will launch a product called “Tubes” this week, bringing many applications that have recently migrated onto web browsers back into a piece of desktop software.
Tubes works like much of the personal P2P and personal file-syncing software we’ve covered, though it does not use any peer-to-peer juice on the delivery side. Users who’ve downloaded the Windows-only Tubes software can drag and drop files to be shared, which are then replicated and version-controlled for other subscribers to that particular “Tube.”

In an interview last week, Adesso director of marketing Steve Chazin called the product a replacement for YouTube,, MySpace, and place-shifting television software like Orb. It’s kind of like a managed shortcut, or a feedreader for files. Personally, I prefer web apps for these tasks, but this is not really a power-user play. The AP gives the startup some ink today…maybe it will attract some more mainstream users.
Adesso had previously tried to sell an earlier version of the product to enterprise-level businesses, but had not seen much uptake. Now it will give away its product to consumers along with 2 GB of storage, and attempt to charge for premium features in the future. Good luck!