Mashup Camp 3 Begins in Boston

The third edition of the Mashup Camp unconference started today in Boston, as a group of developers, mashup enablers, and observers gathered to share ideas and show demos of web applications that are mixed together from sites and services on the web. As with the prior two events, the camp includes a SpeedGeeking contest where attendees view and then vote on their favorite mashups.
Mashups we’ll get to see during the SpeedGeeking round include BuddyStalker (a way to find everything your buddies are doing online), HypeMachine (mixes music blog discussion, Amazon sales data, and upcoming events information), and GBlinker (in which some schwag from Google–a flashing light-up pen–is hacked).
In addition to the best mashup contest, FutureBOSTON is hosting two competitions at Mashup Camp centered around creating prototypes of urban planning tools for the future. Winners will receive cash prizes plus support for continuing development of their tools.
It’s no surprise that a mashup contest might focus on urban planning with its intensive use of geographic data. Geo-enabling an app by adding in data from Google Maps or another GIS represents the most common and obvious kind of mashup. One of the first web mashups, HousingMaps, combines Google maps data with real estate rental and sale listings from Craigslist.
Sessions planned for Mashup Camp 3 range far beyond mapping, however, to include hardware mashups, create your own YouTube with Amazon Web Services, and discussions of mashup business models and licensing issues. Plus we’ll be hearing about the various tools and technologies underpinning mashed up software–PHP and Ruby, microformats, OpenID, and RSS, for example. Stay tuned for more from Mashup Camp.