Ireland/Britain Getting the Gouge? PS3 Pricing Revealed

Europe, historically, gets less console love than the U.S. and Japan. It’s always something, it seems, whether it’s late launches, poor support or just being ignored, our friends across the pond often feel gyped. Well, guys, get ready for more disappointment.
According to Games Industry, the originally forecasted price of GBP 425 is indeed the price to look for when it comes to the PS3. This equals out to 647 euros, which is roughly 48 euros more than the rest of Europe has to pay… with the exception of Ireland. Due to a higher VAT rate, Ireland gets to pay an extra 30 euros as compared to everyone else.
The PS3 is expected to launch in Europe this March and will be available for, in most places, EUR 599. Currently, the word is that the only model to be available in Europe, at least early on, is the 60 GB. Hope you guys need card readers!