‘Problems with Windows’ most frequent complaint of 2006

Problems with Windows continues to be the number one complaint among computer users, according to the second annual RESCUECOM Top Five Computer Problems Report, an annual study determining the most frequently identified computer problems of home and business users. Hardware problems, slow computer, Internet connectivity problems and data recovery/backup rounded out the top five problems reported to the company’s 1-800 call center.
According to RESCUECOM founder and CEO David A. Milman, “This year, we’re continuing to see Windows-related issues with great regularity, with an increase of 12 percent from last year and now accounting for more than 22 percent of calls to our call center.”
The other four big problems in the list were Problems with Computer Speed (viruses or spyware) at 13.7 (down from 16.4 percent a year ago), Internet Connectivity Problems at 13.4 percent (a 22 percent dip) and data transfer or failure issues at 12.3 percent.
The RESCUECOM Top 5 Computer Problems Report is an annual review of problems identified by home and business computer users who call the 1-800-RESCUE7 call center for computer and technology support services. 2006 data was derived from more than 5,000 call records.